Meet Greg Miller

Greg Miller has been hunting whitetails for over 50 years, but he didn’t really become infatuated with mature bucks until the early 1980’s. Throughout the first 15 years of his hunting career, Greg spent the majority of his time chasing giant whitetails in the wilderness areas of far northern Wisconsin. But then in the late 1980’s, he decided to head to Alberta, Canada on his first ever out-of-state hunt. The grueling six-day hunt produced one of his best ever whitetails up to that point, a beautiful 150-class 6x5 typical.

The big buck not only whet Greg’s appetite for more out-of-state excursions, it also triggered his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with other serious deer hunters. In late 1986, he began writing and selling magazine articles on deer hunting. Over the course of the next 15 years Greg had hundreds of his articles published by close to 20 different outdoor publications. He also authored five books about deer hunting and co-authored more than a dozen others.

Greg’s career in the outdoor industry has undergone several dramatic transformations since his first article was published. From his early appearances on network television with Realtree Outdoors back in the mid-1990’s, to his contributions to Hunter’s Specialties PrimeTime Bucks video series, to a co-hosting gig with North American WHITETAIL Television in the mid 2000’s, Greg’s path eventually led him to create, produce and host “In Pursuit with Greg Miller” for Outdoor Channel.

Then, after five years as a co-host and co-owner of “In Pursuit”, Greg and his son Jake purchased the production rights to the program and promptly renamed it, “THE HUNT with Greg & Jake”. The show continued to air on The Sportsman’s Channel for the next three years, at which time the decision was made to rename it, “THE HUNT with Greg Miller”, and to also move the production from network tv to a totally digital platform.