About The Hunt & Greg Miller

Welcome to “THE HUNT with Greg Miller”, digital version! After airing on outdoor television networks for nearly 15 years, we’ve decided to move our production totally to the internet. This move grants us much more freedom to provide the exact type of content we feel our viewers most want to see.

Along those lines, our approach to the way we hunt and where we hunt will remain pretty much the same. As we’ve done in the past, we’ll continue to seek out and explore new hunting areas, while also continuing to visit those places that have proven productive for us in past seasons.

We’ve also expanded our hunting team to include hunters from other parts of the country. This move will enable us to cover a broader geographic range of deer hunting habitat, as well as provide insight into the strategies that are most effective in those areas.

Since our website allows us the unique opportunity to function in a virtual “real time” mode, we’ll be able to keep our viewers constantly up to date about where we are and what we’re doing. And even more importantly, we’ll be able to provide current information on what the deer are doing in the areas we’re hunting!

You can also check out “Greg’s Blog” to get even more detailed information regarding our everyday activities, and also to learn about hunt strategies, special techniques and any gear or equipment we feel played a role in a successful hunt.